Visiting My First Darkroom

Since my last post in early April of this year, it’s been a busy few months OUTSIDE of the Darkroom, so I’m going to be adding a few posts here to catch everyone up on how I have been filling that time!

On April 17, after reconnecting with my former high school art teacher Valerie (aka ‘Mrs. Savage’!) at my Artist Talk back in February, I went over to my old school (Wheatland-Chili Central School) to hand deliver the “Crested Euphorbia Lactea” print that she purchased and see the updated art room facilities.

Valerie with print

My former art teacher, who introduced me to darkroom photography, with one of my prints!

Valerie (so weird to call former teachers by their first names…) was the one who introduced me to darkroom photography.  I remember immediately liking her and feeling at home in her classroom. She was bubbly and positive, full of ideas that anything was possible. And she has stayed with WCCS all this time, now more than 30 years later, and is still going strong!

Under her ‘management’, the art room has been much improved with digital computers, more materials, better lighting, and options for students to experience a wide variety of crafts and mediums. I was really amazed at how the room has changed (for the better) AND the fact that they still have a darkroom!

WCCS darkroom

Student darkroom facilities at WCCS – amazing!

We got to spend about an hour chatting and catching up, and I was really impressed and inspired by everything she has done with the program, as well as how robust the art options are for students in the WCCS district. It was awesome to be back there in that space where I spent so many hours, and know that others are getting the same opportunities (or better) than I did!

Thank you very much ‘Mrs. Savage’ for your support and encouragement, and for being such a wonderful inspiration for so many students!