Fall Book Tour – Aug & Sept 2019

Where oh where did the summer go??  The months of May, June, July, and most of August, passed by like a whirlwind with a lot of travel, for work and for pleasure. I went to New York City twice (once to kick off birthday month (May) and see the amazing Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, and once for work); I went to Guelph, Ontario (north of Toronto) to attend a memorial service for dear friend Molly who passed in Dec 2018, and the Palm D’Or snipe (sailing) regatta; I traveled to Guam for the second time for work;  and I had a “girls weekend” in Mystic, CT with my mother, aunt/God mother, sisters and niece. There wasn’t much time in there for making kallitypes, though I definitely spent a lot of time TAKING photos!

Then in late August, I went to Europe to deliver the photo books that friends and family living there had purchased. I called it my ‘European Book Tour’!  I made stops in five cities, two in Netherlands (Amsterdam area) and three in Germany (around Stuttgart and Frankfurt).

Fall Tour 1

Delivering books to Petra, Fred & Monika and Marion in Netherlands and Germany

In all, I delivered 6 books and got to spend time with loved ones, talk about my work a little more, and enjoy some beautiful weather and great food!

Fall Tour 2

Delivering books to Lina, Klaus, Jasi (and Meli, not pictured), Meg and Kyle, and Marcel who carried his back to Ghana where daughter Marine posed for this photo

When I returned from Europe in early September, I immediately went to DC (literally 3 days later) to celebrate the life of our dear friend Grazia who had passed earlier in the summer, and got to deliver one more photo book to friends Meg and Kyle….then I had about a week at home before one more final work trip to Guam, this time to the island of Saipan.

I still have a few books to deliver here in Rochester and other parts of the US, and am hoping that the slight slow down over the holidays (in terms of travel anyway…) will allow me to connect with everyone else! (And if you are one of those still waiting – your book is coming!!)