Holiday Pop-Up at Warehouse 127!

Are you feeling the holiday spirit yet? This year it seems like Rochester has an abundance of events just for that effect: from Sunday Holidays at the Market where you can get your trees and wreathes, to the various curated holiday markets all around town, from the Wonderful Life festival in the South Wedge, complete with live music, caroling and food trucks, to the ROC Holiday Village with ice skating, Santa’s workshop, and festive igloos. Now all we need is a little more snow and that will about do it for me!

Holidays at the Market poster

Holidays at the Market Thursday night poster

And how is that shopping coming along? To help you out 😉 I’m having my first-ever holiday pop-up at Warehouse 127 in the Rochester Public Market (120 Railroad Street) on Thursday, Dec 19. I’ll be part of the Public Market’s special ‘EXTRA’ Holidays at the Market event, which is that night from 5 to 9 pm.

Vegetation Kallitypes

A few of the images from my Vegetation series that will be available for sale (plus many more)

I’ll be showing and selling my hand-colored vegetation and winter-themed kallitypes – there will be framed items (ready for hanging), matted-only items (you frame) and loose prints, at a variety of price points. I’ll also have a few of my photo books available.

Winter Kallitypes

And these images from my Winter Series for sale (plus many more!)

Find me in the back of the Warehouse 127 shop, hopefully lounging in a luxurious vignette surrounded by my work, receiving all the market visitors, talking about my process and soaking up the energy from the crowds.

Not sure about coming downtown on a weeknight? Here’s what else you can expect if you come down to the Public Market that night:

New this year …a special evening market Thursday, December 19th, 5 pm -9 pm, in collaboration with the Market District Business Association and Roc Holiday Village. (Shuttles run between the Market and Roc Holiday Village continuous from 4:30 – 10: 30 p.m.) Specials at all Market District restaurants and shops, horse-drawn wagon rides around the District and much more!!

It looks like a lot of fun, and I am really looking forward to it. Hope to see you there!

And if you can’t make it out and are interested in buying something from me, just let me know! You can message me through the Contact page on this site, or contact me through instagram (links also on this page) or email or call.

As a reminder, there is street parking, plus the free market lots, plus the couple paid lots off of Railroad Street.

Fall Book Tour – Aug & Sept 2019

Where oh where did the summer go??  The months of May, June, July, and most of August, passed by like a whirlwind with a lot of travel, for work and for pleasure. I went to New York City twice (once to kick off birthday month (May) and see the amazing Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, and once for work); I went to Guelph, Ontario (north of Toronto) to attend a memorial service for dear friend Molly who passed in Dec 2018, and the Palm D’Or snipe (sailing) regatta; I traveled to Guam for the second time for work;  and I had a “girls weekend” in Mystic, CT with my mother, aunt/God mother, sisters and niece. There wasn’t much time in there for making kallitypes, though I definitely spent a lot of time TAKING photos!

Then in late August, I went to Europe to deliver the photo books that friends and family living there had purchased. I called it my ‘European Book Tour’!  I made stops in five cities, two in Netherlands (Amsterdam area) and three in Germany (around Stuttgart and Frankfurt).

Fall Tour 1

Delivering books to Petra, Fred & Monika and Marion in Netherlands and Germany

In all, I delivered 6 books and got to spend time with loved ones, talk about my work a little more, and enjoy some beautiful weather and great food!

Fall Tour 2

Delivering books to Lina, Klaus, Jasi (and Meli, not pictured), Meg and Kyle, and Marcel who carried his back to Ghana where daughter Marine posed for this photo

When I returned from Europe in early September, I immediately went to DC (literally 3 days later) to celebrate the life of our dear friend Grazia who had passed earlier in the summer, and got to deliver one more photo book to friends Meg and Kyle….then I had about a week at home before one more final work trip to Guam, this time to the island of Saipan.

I still have a few books to deliver here in Rochester and other parts of the US, and am hoping that the slight slow down over the holidays (in terms of travel anyway…) will allow me to connect with everyone else! (And if you are one of those still waiting – your book is coming!!)

Visiting My First Darkroom

Since my last post in early April of this year, it’s been a busy few months OUTSIDE of the Darkroom, so I’m going to be adding a few posts here to catch everyone up on how I have been filling that time!

On April 17, after reconnecting with my former high school art teacher Valerie (aka ‘Mrs. Savage’!) at my Artist Talk back in February, I went over to my old school (Wheatland-Chili Central School) to hand deliver the “Crested Euphorbia Lactea” print that she purchased and see the updated art room facilities.

Valerie with print

My former art teacher, who introduced me to darkroom photography, with one of my prints!

Valerie (so weird to call former teachers by their first names…) was the one who introduced me to darkroom photography.  I remember immediately liking her and feeling at home in her classroom. She was bubbly and positive, full of ideas that anything was possible. And she has stayed with WCCS all this time, now more than 30 years later, and is still going strong!

Under her ‘management’, the art room has been much improved with digital computers, more materials, better lighting, and options for students to experience a wide variety of crafts and mediums. I was really amazed at how the room has changed (for the better) AND the fact that they still have a darkroom!

WCCS darkroom

Student darkroom facilities at WCCS – amazing!

We got to spend about an hour chatting and catching up, and I was really impressed and inspired by everything she has done with the program, as well as how robust the art options are for students in the WCCS district. It was awesome to be back there in that space where I spent so many hours, and know that others are getting the same opportunities (or better) than I did!

Thank you very much ‘Mrs. Savage’ for your support and encouragement, and for being such a wonderful inspiration for so many students!


Photo Book Update! Book Signing and Second Order…


I’m making a second post this week because I can’t sit on my news!

First, on Wed, April 3, I held a ‘book signing event’ at the Printing and Book Arts Center (PABA) at the Flower City Arts Center! My photo book order had come in the previous week, and there were about 10 local people who purchased copies, so I thought, why not make up a little party and get everyone together? I could distribute the books, plus sign them and/or inscribe them, and we could have some treats!

Book table

With my books, ready for signing

Mitch at the PABA offered that I could use the PABA space for my event, since the Photo Dept was in the midst of a construction project to improve/enhance the Digital Studios, and Artist-in-Residence Megan Joy May was in the process of installing her ‘Myths of the Sacred Wound’ show in the Sunken room (her exhibit opening and performance are this Saturday, April 6!). And since this was a BOOK signing party, it seemed like a great opportunity!

I made a few gluten-free, sugar-free, vegetarian breakfast treats:  egg ‘cups’ with zucchini, tomatoes and cheese; chocolate chia-pudding cups with red raspberries; and  banana nut muffins with zucchini, almond butter and oats….despite how that sounds they were all delicious and there were only a couple muffins left over!

Breakfast treats 1

Gluten-free, sugar-free, vegetarian breakfast treats

Breakfast treats 2

Gluten-free, sugar-free, vegetarian breakfast treats

The ‘party’ was held at 10 am because I’m working the late shift at work this month, as I roll out training to my customer in Guam. That means I have mornings free for other business. And it seemed to be a good time for most of my friends who bought books.

Signing books1

Talking about how the book turned out

I’m really happy with how the books turned out, and we had fun looking at them together and visiting.

Signing books2

With friends who bought copies

with Janice

With Janice Gouldthorpe, Executive Director at the Flower City Arts Center

with Jennifer Banister

With Jennifer Banister, my first photo friend in Rochester, who introduced me to the Center

I wish everyone who bought my books could have been there!

But anyway, on to my second piece of news: Blurb is offering a ‘This is not a hoax’ 41% off coupon right now, which means I could put in a second order for more books WITHOUT needing the volume discount! So, if you were on the fence about buying one before, but now that you see how they look and how happy their new owners are, you want to get in on this action, please let me know!

Unfortunately, it’s another short window where the discount ends TONIGHT (Fri, April 5), so I need to know ASAP if you would like one. But, it’s an option!

Thank you to everyone who bought a book, to those of you who made it to the party, and for all of you who have been supporting me and my work. Have a great weekend!

Impromptu Book Signing Party – FCAC Book Arts, Wed, April 3

Happy Monday everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know my photo books have arrived, they look great, and I am beginning to distribute them!

For those of you in Rochester who want to pick up your book in person, I have arranged an impromptu ‘book signing event’ at the Flower City Arts Center Book Arts Department (1st floor). We’ll be there starting at 10 am on Wed, April 3, for roughly an hour. I’ll be providing a few breakfast treats/mid-morning snacks, and will be available to sign your book, and/or add an inscription – whatever you want! Hope you can find some time to stop over and enjoy a snack!

Oh, and as for those few extra books I purchased….all of them have sold! I have had some people tell me they would be interested if I do another order, so I am on the lookout for another 40% off coupon with Blurb. If you think you would like to be part of the next bulk order, let me know!

Have a great week!

Books Have Shipped!

Happy Monday everyone!

I got an email from Blurb over the weekend that my book order has shipped! Altogether I ordered 30 units. Pretty exciting!

Looks like they may be here by the first week of April, so this is my plan:

  • For those of you who are local (in or near Rochester) I’ll be setting something up where you can come and collect your book and I’ll sign it/inscribe it (as you wish). Probably a morning in April. More details to come…
  • For those of you in NYC, I will be bringing the books down the first weekend in May when I travel to Brooklyn to see the Frida Kahlo exhibit. That’s Friday, May 3 thru Monday, May 6. Please mark your calendars and hopefully we will connect so I can give you your book in person!
  • For those of you in other states, I will email you when I get the books and will make arrangements for shipping to you.
  • For those of you in Europe, I am planning a trip later this year (maybe late summer/early fall) and I’ll bring the books with me then. If I am not coming directly to your home, I will post them from Germany when I get there.

And, if you want one, but didn’t pre-order a copy, there are two options:

  • I went ahead and ordered a couple extras just in case; these will be available for the same price of $70 each, and I’ll post when they are here.
  • OR you could go to Blurb and buy one at their price of $120. Here’s the link.

If you have any questions, let me know.

We’ve hit the 40% Blurb Discount on the Book!

(Drafted Thurs, March 14, but I forgot to publish….)

The big news of the moment is that we’ve hit the 40% discount threshold on pre-orders for my book!

If you’d like a copy of the book, you have til the end of the day Friday, March 15, to get in on this bulk deal: 12×12 size hard cover book, 34 pages printed on proline pearl matte paper (140#), includes all 25 images from my exhibit, reproduced at almost full size. It’s a deal at $70 per book (and that includes shipping and tax).

After the bulk order is placed, books will be for sale through Blurb, at $120 per unit.

Here’s a short youtube video I made where you can see the book:



Photo Book Update #2 – Order Your Copy by Fri, March 15

Hi everyone!

The second version of my Blurb photo book arrived and it is much much better! Want to see it? Here is a link to a YouTube video I made where you can see more of the book:

Photo Book Demo

The final book is 12×12 size, with a dust jacket over a black linen cover, approx 35 pages printed on high-quality 140-pound proline premium paper. This size allows for a really close representation of the prints, which were all roughly 8×10 size, and the matte finish and heavier paper weight allow for thumbing through the book without reflections on the paper and without wrinkling with handling. Here are some still pics:


I had to make a couple small tweaks to a few photos, but I am ready to put in a bulk order!  I currently have 7 pre-orders but if I get 10, we get a 35% discount; if we order 20, we get 40% off. My estimate is that the book will cost about $75 with tax and shipping.  If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please let me know by this Friday, March 15, 2019.



Paper Experimentation

Hi everyone!


If you’ve been following my Artist Residency blog over the past few months you know that my residency officially ended last Thurs, Feb 28. I have cleared out my drawers, brought home all my leftover supplies, and sadly, handed in my keys.


But before I did that, I was fortunate to have a little time to experiment with some sample papers gifted to me by my friend Bill, and make more prints using my aging sensitizer and existing negatives. The results were pretty good!


The first paper I experimented with was Hahnemühle rag, which I have been looking forward to trying for over a year. It is renowned as a ‘perfect paper’ for hand-coating processes. The very-smooth surface is similar to the Stonehenge printmakers paper I used while learning the kallitype process.


To coat the Hahnemühle, I decided to use a little more sensitizer (more drops) and let it sit on the surface and soak in, rather than my ‘usual’ vigorous brushing technique where I really work the chemistry into the paper fibers. I had been doing the latter with the Fabriano watercolor paper I used for my exhibit, but for the smoother papers, this technique seems to negatively impact the surface, and results in a less-sharp print and often times, a lot of visible brush strokes.


hahnemuhle rag

Hahnemuhle rag paper in the developer – the tones were slightly warm and very dark

Funny enough, after printing with it and comparing it to the other papers, turns out it is my least fave. This is primarily due to how flat it looks when dry, though the resulting tones are actually pretty nice.


The next two that I tried were different Awagami washi papers – Gampi and Mitsumata. These were actually pretty weird to work with. While dry, they have a ‘right side’ and a ‘wrong side’ and when wet, they are slippery and easily crumple up on themselves.  In the developer and other baths, they either became translucent or partly translucent, and they were so thin that picking them up and letting them drip to transfer to the next bath was tricky – they kept slipping out of my tongs.


wet mitsumata

The Mitsumata paper turned translucent in the developer!

But they dried down nicely with interesting surface textures – the Gampi was shimmery and almost metallic:


Gampi dry

Shimmery finish on the Gampi paper

And the Mitsumata dried as solid white but with a slight see-through look. The dried-down tones were also warmer which was a surprise, despite having used the same chemistry and the same exposure time. I had 5 sheets of each and used them all.


Dry mitsumata paper

Mitsumata paper dried down, slightly warmer tone, but solid white

The last paper I tried was Arches Platine. This one was amazing!  The prints had very dark, rich  blacks, very cool grays and were just gorgeous. It almost made me wish I had done more paper experimentation during my residency! I used all 10 sheets of the sample pack and made new prints of some of my favorite negatives, with excellent results. This is a paper I would definitely buy again!


My next goal is to make more new negatives of different images and get back into the darkroom later this spring. For now though, I am taking a break from the Darkroom, hoping there is still some winter left, and looking forward to more xc skiing before spring is truly here!


Photo Book Update

I’m back! Picking up this blog where I left off with the posts that were part of my artist residency at the Flower City Arts Center.

For this first post of my new site, I figured I would end the suspense and tell you about where we are with the Photo Book!

On Feb 8, I submitted my ‘first draft’ and ordered a proof, something which is recommended by Blurb, and which you have to pay for (it’s not free). It was expected to be delivered by Feb 25, but actually arrived on Feb 19.

I was so excited to open it! And then so totally disappointed as I thumbed through the pages full of dark, muddy and yellowish images. Just to be sure I wasn’t overreacting, I showed the book to several friends, and all agreed with my assessment. This version wasn’t good enough.

The problem was most likely personal user error: I didn’t pay attention to the fact that the images I used were all RGB color profile, while Blurb uses the CMYK profile (which can be warmer with different representation of blacks and grays); and even though the brightness looked OK on the screen, I didn’t compensate for the luminosity that would be lost when the images were printed on paper.

So I had to do some editing. When I compared the physical book to the digital book on the computer it actually looked really close. This was both a pro and a con. Pro: this meant the screen calibration was pretty close to the real thing; Con: this meant that what I was seeing on the screen, which looked OK to my eye, would be really hard to adjust.

I spent approximately 4 more hours and did the best I could: first, converted all the images from RGB to  CMYK; second, cooled the images off by reducing the yellow tones; third, reduced the saturation of the images in the Vegetation series; fourth, increased the image brightness for all the images. I also reduced the text size of my artist statement, added some content to the insides of the book jacket, and changed the color of some of the pages (from a straw-yellow to white).

I uploaded the updated version and ordered proof #2 on Feb 25. It is expected to be delivered by March 12, but fingers crossed it will come a little earlier. And that this one will be good.

I’ll make another post when I receive it, and assuming it is good to go, will start taking pre-orders. The Blurb bulk discount varies based on the number of units: between 4 and 9 books is 30% off; between 10 and 19  books is 35% off; and 20 or more books is 40% off.  So far I have 10 pre-orders….but I’m still not sure what the price will be.

Stay tuned !


PS Click here to see my older blog posts which were written during my Artist Residency at the Flower City Arts Center